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New CD release - MANTRA SOUL

New CD release - MANTRA SOUL

Mantra Soul - On this production the well knows master of singing bowls MIGUEL LOURENCO from Portugal is recitating mantras with music.
The performer of this CD, Miguel Lourenço, is a well-known seminar leader in sound seminars in Portugal since many years, and a recognized expert on singing bowls and gongs, and their therapeutic use. The mantra rezitatioin mean for Miguel a vitalizing and constantly acting energy, with the possibility to maintain one's own life balance through sound and vibration. For him, the resonance of sound is not only noticeable in the mental, but also in the physical body. This knowledge and traditional recitation practice, together with the use of singing bowls, s Miguel is teacheing in  his courses. Miguel Lourenço recorded In the present CD four important mantras together with the musical support of the musician Acama. (CHENRESI, OM SHRI DAVANTRE NAMAHA, OM MAMA SHIVAIA and GAIATRI MANTRA). And the "Chenresi" mantra is in its original form recited 108 times for a deep meditation. This project is ideal for meditation and yoga practice, alone or in groups, to find inner peace, let go and recharge ones batteries.

Pricecode: 100 / Total time:  75 min / EAN: 9006639118216 / ISBN: 978-3-902750-45-7

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